The WICI Song and Dance Company is the official representative folk group of the Polish National Alliance, its main sponsor. The PNA is the largest of all ethnically based fraternal insurance benefit societies in this country, and provides subsidies to the WICI ensemble for each member who also belong to the PNA. Click here for a complete history of the PNA.

Become a Sponsor

We also welcome and invite additional sponsorship support. Sponsorships are particularly useful to offset special events, and can be presented in the form of:

• Monetary donations
• Food and beverages (at special events)
• Floral bouquets (for recognition at performances)
• Retail merchandise (for raffles, gifts and awards)
• Services (printing, complimentary car/bus rentals, airline tickets)
• Discounts on products and services (dancewear, fabric, craft supplies)
• Office Supplies
• Other

All donations are tax deductible.

If you are interested in becoming a WICI sponsor, please contact Artistic Diector Magdalena Solarz at 847/795-0661 or 773/777-8800.

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